Tax Planning: Explore Your Opportunities

Taxes are a fact of life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t manage—and possibly mitigate—the impact they have on your savings. Too often we see a lack of understanding around how taxes are calculated. As a result, valuable opportunities for tax management are missed.

By assessing your past gross and taxable incomes, as well as evaluating what led to those income figures, we may be able to uncover opportunities for tax planning. Many times, a simple reorganization of how your dollars are held can reduce your current income taxes while helping to preserve more of your savings over time. Moreover, through proper tax withholding, we may be able to eliminate the need (if applicable) to make quarterly estimated tax payments to the IRS. While the results of our investment plan are very important over time, we realize that minimizing the amount of income tax due—either now or in the future—could provide you with an additional rate of return.

*Raymond James does not provide any legal or tax advice.