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Founder of Integrity Wealth and Financial Advisor at Raymond James, Jeff Coplan has nearly 20 years of experience in the field. Because we believe that experience managing investments through the ups and downs of market cycles is a key factor in advisor experience, we’re proud to have helped clients navigate through the 2002 and 2008 market downturns.

Our Philosophy

We believe in high quality investment portfolios with long track records and evidence of consistency over time. We believe in low maintenance investment structures, typically maintained annually. Taking into account your risk tolerance, we’ll make recommendations of investments that most closely match your financial plan.

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Your Best Interests

We prefer to structure advisor compensation on a percentage basis, which means we have an incentive to see growth in your assets, through both appreciation in value as well as your ongoing regular deposits.

Straight Forward

Compensation is based on the value of the funds we handle for you rather than on a commission to buy and sell investment products. Our goal is to make compensation straight forward; we are free to make the investment recommendations that most closely align to your needs.

More About

Dave Ramsey and SmartVestor

A personal money management expert, author and syndicated radio host, Dave Ramsey is known for his financial literacy programs and has helped thousands of families live their lives debt-free and financially independent. The SmartVestor Program links families to financial providers who give recommendations consistent with Dave Ramsey’s philosophies on debt and investing. SmartVestor Professionals are vetted and agree to a strict code of conduct to provide unbiased products and services.

Integrity Wealth is not a registered broker/dealer, and is independent of Raymond James Financial Services. Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment Advisory Services offered through Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc. Past performance does not predict future results and investing involves risk regardless of strategy selected. In a fee-based account clients pay a quarterly fee, based on the level of assets in that account, for the services of a financial advisor as part of an advisory relationship. In deciding to pay a fee rather than commissions, clients should understand that the fee may be higher than a commission alternative during periods of lower trading. Advisory fees are in addition to the internal expenses charged by mutual funds and other investment company securities. To the extent that clients intend to hold these securities, the internal expenses should be included when evaluating the costs of a fee-based account. Clients should periodically re-evaluate whether the use of an asset-based fee continues to be appropriate in servicing their needs. A list of additional considerations, as well as fee schedule, is available on the firm’s Form ADV Part2A as well as the client agreement.

SmartVestor is an advertising and referral service for investing professionals (“SmartVestor Pros”) operated by The Lampo Group, LLC d/b/a Ramsey Solutions (“Ramsey Solutions”). Pursuant to an arrangement between Ramsey Solutions, Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc. (“RJFSA”) and your advisor, your advisor pays Ramsey Solutions a flat monthly fee to: (a) be a SmartVestor Pro, (b) advertise services through the SmartVestor website, and (c) receive client referrals in the form of an initial introduction to interested consumers who are located in your advisor’s Pros geographic region. RJFSA and its affiliates (collectively, “Raymond James”) do not endorse and are not affiliated with Ramsey Solutions, except with respect to the arrangement described above, and neither Ramsey Solutions nor its agents are officers or employees of Raymond James. Further, neither Ramsey Solutions nor its agents are authorized to provide investment advice or act in any way on behalf of Raymond James, except in connection with providing your contact information to your advisor.