Working with Integrity Wealth

When you’re ready to take a step toward a better future and a financially independent retirement, we’re ready to help. Our process breaks down financial planning into three easy steps, leaving you with clear picture of your financial future.


We review your current situation and identify your objectives.

Once you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll set up a meeting to go through your current financial situation and discuss your short- and long-term objectives. You’ll leave with clarity on where you are—and where you want to go.


We create your financial plan.

Next, we’ll put together a comprehensive financial planning document—a.k.a., a blueprint for your financial independence. The plan is based on our initial conversation, as well as a systematic assessment of your assets, insurance, debts, estate plans, tax situation, and other financial matters.

Expect a four- to seven-page document—not a lengthy binder! Our plans speak to your needs, and are easy to read and comprehend. Depending on your needs, your plan will likely include these eight items:

  1.  An emergency reserve strategy
  2.  A clear summary of your financial objectives
  3.  A summary of your assets, any liabilities, and net worth
  4.  A simply, easy-to-understand retirement savings and income projection
  5.  A summary of your tax status and any tax planning objectives*
  6.  A summary of your estate plan and any estate planning objectives
  7.  A clear recommendation for your investment strategy
  8.  A simple look ahead to upcoming planning opportunities or areas of concern
    *Raymond James does not provide any legal or tax advice.


We proactively maintain your financial plan.

Updating your plan falls on our shoulders, not yours. Generally, we’ll check in with you once per quarter to help you stay on track. We’ll also conduct a comprehensive annual update of your plan and keep you abreast of any economic or market fluctuations.